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The Fat Pizza is going International!!

Have you got the resources and local knowledge to start The Fat Pizza in your local market? The Fat PIzza has a model that makes it easy to launch franchisees easily, effectively and profitably.

We are looking for Master Franchise partners with the following qualities:


  • A strong knowledge and awareness of the local food delivery markets in the delineated territory – this gives the edge over the competition

  • Access to the financial resources to develop and then continue to support the FAT PIZZA Master franchise business on an on-going basis

  • Access to relevant banking, taxation and legal matters

  • A proven ability to appoint and lead a sales team to recruit the sub franchisees should the need arise to assist in achieving the stated objectives and ensure business success

  • An astute business mind

  • A strong customer service in this sector with focus to build the brand and establish its leading presence in the marketplace

Become the leader in your market

Contact us at to get the International Master Franchise Prospectus and more information.

Feel free to ask our franchise chatbot some questions...

Download our International Master Franchise Prospectus

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