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  • Lets find out if a career in the Takeaway Industry is for you!

  • ​Do you really want to be a franchisee and know what it entails?

Why Fat Pizza 

  • Why a Fat Pizza franchise?

  • What makes us different and Better?

  • Why will we be successful?

Our Advantage

  • An overview of automating running a pizza store

  • More system, less skill

  • Pioneering operations to be the best

Next Steps

  • How to become a Fat Pizza franchisee

  • How to apply & Training

  • Next steps to join the food delivery industry!

Targeted Automation?

We automate processes within the store for two main reasons:

1. To make the customer service better, consistent and better than the rest.

2. To make sure that operations at store level are streamlined, deskilled and the most efficient that they can be

Examples of where we have used technology include

Driver Dispatch automation - sending your drivers out in the most efficient way possible at all times without requiring anyone to know the delivery area


Customers view their driver getting to them in real time - adding to the customer experience!


Automated stock ordering based on real time sales, inventory and recipe details.


Operations - All operations and systems within the store are on a tablet and automated. From cleaning to training on how to make a pizza - all is done via a tablet


Our system is designed so that, with minimal training, all are able to manage the store directly from our system- from opening procedures to cleaning rotas.


Feedback - we have an in house designed feedback system which not only gives each store a feedback store and comparisons, but also resolves issues automatically so that customers are left happy and fulfilled.


Scheduling is conducted via our operational tablet which includes time clocks and photo confirmation to ensure that accuracy is key.

Our Call Centre system means that our satelite stores are only making, cutting and preparing pizzas for delivery - all other activities are completely automated. 

We have a constant desire to make the best use of technology to make us more efficient and better than the rest!

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