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About YOU

Lets find out if a career in the Takeaway Industry is for you!

Do you really want to be a franchisee and know what it entails?

Why Fat Pizza 

Why a Fat Pizza franchise?

What makes us different and Better?

Why will we be successful?

Our Advantage

An overview of automating running a pizza store

How we make it simple!

Pioneering operations to be the best, always!

Next Steps

How to become  a Fat Pizza franchisee

How to apply!

Next steps to join the food delivery industry!

A chef making a The Fat pizza doughball
Multi Award Winning Franchise

The Best Pizza

The Best Tech

Winner 2018 British Takeaway Awards!

Winner Gold Award 2019, Pizza & Pasta Association  Small Delivery Chain

Finalist 2019 British Takeaway Awards

Finalist 2019, Pizza & Pasta Marketing Award

We build our business on the quality of our pizzas. 

We combine the Best Delivered Pizza with ground making tech in order to build an unparalleled business model with which our franchisees can thrive.

Our pizzas are made fresh from bags of flour using our own secret dough recipe

With a focus on making our customers loyal to The Fat Pizza - we build our businesses on strong foundations.

The Fat Pizza Franchise Menu Offerings
We are aiming to add 50 locations in 2024

So, Be Quick!

We are looking for..


The Fat Pizza Franchise

Combining serving Tasty Food with the Best Tech on the market designed to make our franchisees leaders in every area they are in! The leading Fast Food Franchise Opportunity!

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